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Curly, straight, long or short, no matter what you desire, we design the perfect cut and provide the best care for your precious hair. A hair cut at the hands of a professional hairdresser will take you from plain to picture perfect in a matter of a few magical moments. Customized consultation with our stylists will give you insights on the right choices for your preferred look, after analysis of your facial shape and features. Each cut is followed with a relaxing hair wash and conditioning that leaves your hair smooth and silky.

Every hair salon is equipped with state of the art products that work wonders on your hair opening your eyes to a whole new universe of marvellous options.
The colours used by Naturals makeup artists are taken directly from the pallet of current world fashion trends. From subtle enhancements to dramatic change, we'll make sure you are an absolute head turner when you walk out of our doors. Our hair colour options include root touch up, global colouring, streaking, block colouring and creative colouring. After your dream make over is complete allow our expert stylists to add finishing touches that will add dimension, movement and expression to your hair leaving you looking absolutely fantastic!
At Wiink makeup Academy the range of exotic hair treatments will help you keep your hair free from pollution, dust and other impurities and Enhance your scalp for healthy hair and give it that natural glow. Fight the most common hair problems like hair fall and dandruff upon choosing the relevant hair treatment. Anti-hair fall treatment provides your hair with sufficient vital minerals and nutrients thus making your hair stronger and supple. Anti-dandruff treatment defeats dandruff and makes you enjoy a clear scalp with healthy hair.
A Spa Hair Treatment makes for, not just great hair conditioning but as well as a day of relaxation. Enjoy the exfoliating spa treatments designed for every type of hair. The regular indulgence in a hair spa service and a head massage keeps your hair in condition and stimulates the scalp and hair growth.

The classic, dry and frizzy hair, chemically treated hair, moisturizing spa relaxes your body and alleviates your stress. Our hair care professionals provide the right conditioning treatment along with damage control making you and your hair the 'Show Stopper'

Perfect Shape of Your Brows

The shape of your brow should follow the natural line of your brow bone.
The arch 'E' (supra - orbital arch) should be highest at the outer corner of the pupil.

To determine where the brow should begin, place an orange stick straight up from the side of the nostril (ala of the nose) to where the brow begins ( medial most of the supra- orbital arch) [A - B]

NOW U MUST BE WONDERING HOW ON EARTH YOU ARE GOING TO GET THOSE BRILLIANTLY PERFECT EYEBROWS!!! Well what are we at Alps here for!!! Come to your nearest Alps cosmetic clinic, and get the perfect shape of your brows for your perfect face!!
A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands. A manicure treatment is not only a treatment for the natural nails but also for the hands.

A manicure consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, cuticle treatments, massage of the hand and the application of polish. There are also manicure services that specialises for the hands and feet. For the hands, the soaking of a softening substance and the application of a lotion is a common speciality.

Types of manicure which we offers you:

  • Scholl Manicure
  • Super Deluxe Manicure
  • French Manicure


A pedicureis a way to improve the appearance of the feet and their nails. It also means the care of the feet and toenails. A pedicure can help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders. Pedicures are not just limited to nails; usually dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are rubbed off using a rough stone called a pumice stone.


Bleaching body hair is a very convenient way to stop worrying about your dark troublesome body hair without having to actually remove these hairs. Bleaching is extremely popular for treating dark facial hair and unwanted hair on the legs and arms all over the world.
Hair straightening and styling hairdresser will undoubtedly transform your hair to the style and texture you desire, using advanced hair systems from around the world.

Hair straightening gives you the smooth and suave appearance that will ensure you are always the life of the party. Setting your hair will no longer be a pain after trying our hair smoothening or hair straightening options.

Our experts will make sure that you get that streamlined look, without having to worry about any adverse effects because a we use only safe and internationally tested brands

Body Wrap

This treatment produces therapeutic and cosmetic benefits by cleansing the body of toxins and reducing inches. Body wraps are great for improving, toning and tightening the look and texture of the body skin. It also helps in tightening the post pregnancy loose skin around stomach and back..

Body Polish

Exfoliating the skin on your body to leave it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturised and soft. An abrasive product rubbed vigorously and massaged onto the body followed by rinsing to reveal a moisturised layer of fresh, clean and smooth body.
We specialize in creating a natural, radiant look - how most brides want to look and feel on their big day!
On your wedding day we will help create a relaxing, calm, fun atmosphere.

Every bride dreams of her wedding day and wants to be at her best appearance that day. Bridal make up is an important part of bridal dressing. Along with the shinning jewelry and a gorgeous wedding dress. So it's very important to know about the right kind of bridal make up that would suit the brides taste and skin tone.

Every bridal makeover will be conducted at your home, or wherever you will be getting ready the day of your wedding. We will ensure that you will look your most outstanding in any type of lighting, from indoors to outdoors. Each makeover includes cleansing, moisturizing, foundation to powder; blush, eyes, and lips.

Pre-Bridal for post marital bliss

You're playing it in your mind again and again...and again. In your dream, you look perfect, yet mirror disagrees. Well, there's no point waiting for the last minute. So when the d-day arrives, with pride you take the centrestage.

Little talk of wedding and all of a sudden you are expected to look better than the best you ever looked. Hereafter, starts a close care of your skin... just about anything and everything that you can think of, right up to the time when you go for your bridal package. Now in such a situation you should be asking yourself, is your skin ready to take on all these treatments. Fact is, even the most problem-free skin is sometimes not prepared.

This is where our Pre-bridal packages come in picture. Depending on the nuances and nature of your delicate skin, we give you the treatment suited to your skin and give you visible results. More importantly why wait till the last moment to fix those little problems that have been bothering you since forever.
Put the kibosh on (put an end to) to the myth that Bleaching can be harmful. We, at Alps, believe in promising our customers that your smile will only broaden after you experience our bleaching techniques. We give you various types of facial and body bleaches:-

Regular Bleach:

Time to rejuvenate! We use the famous brands like Fe'm & Jolen that unconditionally suit every skin type. It works wonders when used on larger areas like full arms and legs and what more! It takes care of your pocket too!

Milk Bleach:

A savior of the people with sensitive skin. It is more milk powder and fewer chemicals. Ammonia is used to lighten the hair.Tackling those unwanted hair couldn't be better! A clean and clear skin awaits you!

Protein Bleach:

It is mild bleach, in which butter pack is used to ensure a soft supple skin. Ammonia is used to lighten the hair and remove tanning. Protein Bleach is a blessing for those who have a sensitive / oily skin.

Gold Bleach:

In gold beach Aqua activator is used along with the Gold cream bleach, which helps in activating the bleaching action to give you a fairer and glowing skin. Ammonia is used to lighten the hair and remove tanning. This particular bleach is famous among brides as it gives a golden glow to one's skin. All you'll experience is joie' de vivre'.


Feel your skin breathing with Oxybleach. It's a special type of bleach which is especially good for the tanned and sensitive skin. It helps oxygen to penetrate the skin. When oxygen enters the skin, it takes with it water and lipids deep into the skin, making the skin softer, more hydrated and glowing. It is a healthy way to bleach. Its effectiveness can be judged by the onlookers around you.


Always go with that glow
Is it just you or are your facial imperfections are getting more visible every time you look into the mirror.
You feel others are talking about it.
May be, may be not!
You have every right to address your concern...
fix such a fault... look the way you should!

Problem with skin problem is that they can be cruelly visible and can truly ruin things for you. A small acne scar can become the topic of gossips in any party that you go to. So why not do something about it with Skin Treatments at Alps Beauty Clinic.

For one, we begin with a belief that every problem is as unique as the individual herself.

We have a whole team of highly experienced doctors and aestheticians to ensure personalised treatment that target the root cause of the problem externally as well as internally. We are well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and equipments like lasers, Pulsed Light, micro dermabresions and bioptron that can erase all your skin related problems... just as if they were never there.

We offer wide range of Skin Treatments and Facials

  • Aroma Therapy Facial
  • Gold Facial
  • Glow Facial
  • Aloevera Facial
  • Fruit Facial
  • Chocolate Facial
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